Oglesby Union Brochure

Illustration & Layout Design. The Oglesby Union at Florida State University is the premier venue on-campus for events, activities, and student involvement. With six diverse departments (Art Center, Crenshaw Lanes, the Flying High Circus, Guest Services, Student Activities Center, and Student Life Cinema) and a variety of campus partners housed within its building, the Union is a world all its own at FSU. To guide students through the diverse and engaging community of the Oglesby Union, we created a passport-style brochure featuring travel poster illustrations and stamps for each department. Over 7500 brochures are distributed to undergraduate students through out the year during events such as Orientation, the Involvement Fair, and Seminole Sensation Week.

Print, 3.5" x 5.5"

Art Direction
Larin Littwin

Creative Team
Daniel AckermanTyler Amato, Amy Hollen, Lenore Messler, Anna Polito, Alex RiveraGabby TaylorMichael UchimuraSara Zhang

Florida State University, Oglesby Union