FSU Homecoming

Event Marketing Campaigns. Marketing strategy and creative development/design for Florida State University's Homecoming promotions. The marketing strategy includes promotions for over eighteen events during the Homecoming week of festivities, including co-branded campaigns for Warchant (a kick-off concert featuring a major headliner) and Pow Wow (a pep rally featuring performances and appearances from FSU's sports teams, student groups, a popular comedian, etc). 

Client: Florida State University

Art Direction: Larin Littwin

2014 Campaign

Lead Designers: Maggie Seketa, Carmen Clemente

Creative Team: Kristen Brittain, Tyler Trobert, Carmen Clemente, Mike Lazarus, Kristy Gaunt

2013 Campaign

Lead Designer: Michael Uchimura 

Creative Team: Maggie Seketa, Kristen Brittain, Tyler Trobert , Carmen Clemente

2012 Campaign

Lead Designer: Tyler Amato

Creative Team: Michael Uchimura, Kelsey McLaughlin, Juan Aguilar, Tyler Trobert 

Homecoming Logo Design

Designers: Sara Zhang, Tyler Amato


Digital and printed markteing materials, including posters, doorhangers, handbills, billboards, banners, yardsigns, t-shirts and other promotional items, invitations, social media, website graphics, etc.



Homecoming 2014 CAMPAIGN Posters


Homecoming CAMPAIGN 2012 Posters